Some of the questions our Customer have asked us

How long would it take?

Single Pages 1 week. WP Websites between 2 to 3 weeks. Code base 4 weeks. Video Marketing 2 weeks. All this are approximate times. Depending on the scope of the project they may differ on a per basis.

How much would it cost?

All the prices under the price menu are approximate and may differ depending on the scope of the project. For a more accurate quote please fill up our get starting form. 

Can my Website do this?

We have learned to prioritize features whithin budgets. As long as the budget covers it and is within our skill set we can deliver customize advance features as requested.

What is your experience level?

Our team consist of professional graduate designers and developers that thrive for projects our customers can be proud off. If your not satisfy with your project we would redesign it and offer a different number of alternatives.

Why should I pay for a developer to build my Website?

The short answer is that you don’t have to. You can use the many appealing advertised do it yourself website builders, which promise fast & easy online presence. But what they forget to mention is the 20 plus hours needed to first learn how to use their builder. Even if you manage to get around the basic setup after another 10 or so hours then you start to realize all the shortcomings and lack of functionality of their tools. Lack of customization of layouts, lack of blogging functionality, not optimized for search engines, the limitations of grow for future functionality, security issues. The list can go on and on. And the end of the day getting a developer saves you time, energy and frustration. Our best skill is knowing which tool to use for your project. Rather than let the tool dictate our projects, we use requirement driven mentality. Tell us what you need and we would choose the correct development technology.

Do you really match lower quotes?

Send us a lower quote from a competitor for equal features and just like Fry’s we would price match it.

I already have a Website, can you just update it?

Don’t have the time to update your exising site. We would address the main features and would asses if the current technology would suffice or recommend a better solution to achieve better results.

What are your flexible payment schedules?

Yes. In smaller projects and tight budgets we do not require a deposit. On projects exceeding $500 we require a 10% deposit. Balance may be broken into 2 payments for those with smaller budgets. We are happy to work with you when it comes to your budget. Send us a message or a text anytime at (562) 324-9752 or if your old school call us during business hours at (562)343-6298

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